Tuition & Financing @Studemia

Investing in your future is a great decision, even if it’s not an easy one. Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, which is why we provide a variety of payment options — so you can focus on your education and your career, not your tuition.

The payment options below are available whether you’re studying online or on campus, unless noted otherwise.

  • Pay upfront

    Make an initial deposit, then pay the remainder of your tuition before class begins in a lump sum.

  • Income Share Agreements (ISAs) in the U.S.

    Defer your tuition with the Studemia Income Share Agreement (ISA). After an initial payment when you enroll, the remainder of your tuition is paid once you’ve left the program and are and are earning at least a minimum monthly income (see details).
    Available for anyone who qualifies in ISA-eligible locations.

  • Student loans in the U.S.

    Apply for Meritize loan

Pay upfront

Make an initial deposit to save your seat, then pay the remainder of your tuition prior to your start date. You’ll complete your tuition payment before the course begins, paying in one lump sum.

Estimate your payments based on your salary

Our Income Share Agreement (ISA)

ISAs are designed to make our courses and your new career more accessible — they’re available for anyone in ISA-eligible locations.

ISAs let you focus on your education and finding a career. You can pay tuition when you’re actually earning income.

To learn more about how ISAs work, view the terms and specifics for our ISAs.

We believe in you — and our ISAs are proof. Check out our jobs report and see why we’re so confident.

Learn our ISA policy