Inspiring Divergent Experiences of Women's Work Scope in New Tech Trends

Our Access Scholarships open doors for aspiring changemakers who may have experienced barriers to an education, empowering them to enroll for $0 upfront. Women can launch careers in tech. Women can thrive in tech. Women can change the industry for the better.

Why women should join Cyber Security Field ?

Women have embraced technical jobs like cybersecurity and cloud computing areas in recent years. Studemia being one of the institutes that offer technical courses, we encourage students to take advantage of our programs. It’s just the other day when women were not allowed to vote and access education. But things have rapidly changed due to constitutional rights that allow all genders to get an equal education. This is because men have embraced technical jobs while women getting themselves in simple jobs.

Online and on campus, we foster a supportive comunity where women can thrive.

Online and on campus, we foster a supportive comunity where women can thrive.

We see girls getting better grades just like boys in high school, others pursue better courses on campus like boys, some even pass interviews and get jobs just like men. I think it is time, time for women to shine and show off their capabilities.

Here at Studemia, we have ensured to provide an easy way for students to pursue technical courses such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. Our mission is to help our students get access to this course to which we help to get employment upon completion of the course. We encourage women to take this opportunity to acquire technical skills that are recession-proof. How fascinating that women are now doing better than ever in these tech fields. I would encourage even more women to venture into Tech jobs.

Its every woman’s dream for their voice to be heard in a room full of men. Women are less likely to rise past junior positions, but lately, we have seen them make their way in the board room. Studemia is dedicated to providing excellent and quality training in cybersecurity and cloud computing. We are focused to produce not only highly skilled students but also leaders. The lack of women leadership in tech companies creates few role models for other women and young girls who see tech as a career choice for them. Women can only be held back by their self-doubt. It is my wish that women would get over this idea of being less than the authority in their areas of expertise. This is a word of encouragement to any woman out there trying to figure out the best course to pursue.

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We offer the qualified student to take advantage of ISA commitment – It means you do not pay upfront any tuitions unless you get hired.

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All of our students get one 2 one tutoring to help cumbersome any topics; also, we place our students in group learning to interact with others. This powerful interaction makes our students share knowledge, gain more skills.

Unlimited hours hands-on Lab Access

We believe practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, we give each student an unlimited lab & real-world project access to any on topics. We do not stick with a boring lecture; instead, we provide interactive lessons with collaborative practice.

1000 + Training videos and Content access

Each student has access to our pre-recorded videos content. The world-renowned industry expert creates each video topic. These video access give the student to boost the knowledge and skill they need to land ideal jobs.

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Join our Live class or Onsite Class, whatever you prefer. Our instructors are a real-world experience expert on IT, and industry Certified. Start your next Live Class! - or Onsite today.

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