The world economy is currently facing a recession which has affected the income of many people all over the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies and businesses have suffered great lose thus, many organizations have resulted in laying off some employees, reducing salaries, holding back bonuses in efforts to thrive through this period. However, people should consider venturing in recession-proof jobs to protect yourself from any potential economic crisis. I know you are probably wondering what am talking about? 

Have you ever wondered which fields thrive through this recession period? It is tech jobs. That means if you have a tech job you are probably recession-proof. How great it is to be assured of employment and full salary when everyone else’s lives are in chaos. Tech companies continue to operate normally and seem to be unaffected, especially, in this pandemic period of COVID-19. There haven’t been any cancellations of any projects although new ones have been delayed. We have seen tech companies putting an advertisement for the new position and recruiting new employees in some areas which are good, neutral and positive. Why is it that tech jobs are not affected? 

We live in a world dominated by technology, almost everything has been digitalized, including education, banking, businesses, blogging and vlogging as well as entertainment thus, all this are prone to attack by hackers. Hackers and cybercriminals are not going to rest just because the economy is falling. Cybercrimes will continue rising and becoming more frequent and intense. Therefore, we need information technology officers especially information security professionals to protect their confidential and sensitive information from cyberattacks and hackers. Any that why they are always working even when there is a recession. Isn’t this great?  

Cybersecurity is one field that I would encourage you to pursue. Organizations and individuals are not going to risk their sensitive information, they will seek professional help to protect their confidential and sensitive information from cyberattacks and hackers. You can never be sure when the recession may occur, therefore, it is important to consider to gain clear, marketable, technical skills so that you can recession-proof your career.

Written By: Studemia Admin
August 14, 2020