Cybersecurity Engineering involves the ongoing effort to safeguard network systems and all stored data from unwanted persons. This also touches the aspect of data for use or for manipulative forms of use that cause harm. Cyber-attack involves the use of an exploit against any form of data that is in jeopardy. Cyber-attacks are conducted by individuals or groups of individuals.​

The classification of cyber-attacks can be grouped into outsiders and insiders. Outsiders involve those people that are not part of a given organization but have access to that particular organization. Insiders are those who are part of the organization as employees or contracted staff. Those who were part of the organization as ex-employees and trusted partners.​

Using the different means to break into computers or networks, those using ethical programming skills for good to gain access to systems are referred to as white hat hackers. Grey hat hackers commit crimes and do fraudulent deeds but not for individual benefit. In cases where violation of computers and network security occurs for personal gain involves black hat attackers.​

Organized cyber-attacks involves an organized group of hackers. This includes an organization of cybercriminals, hacktivists, terrorists, and state-sponsored hackers. In this form of attack, specific achievements that are of benefit to their government is highlighted as the core order of the business.​

Cybersecurity Engineering offers an adventurous opportunity for those who enjoy solving puzzles and being helpful in an advancing age of technology. The whole cybersecurity engineering experience also advances into profitable ventures for cybersecurity analysts. Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for identifying and isolating all threats. It’s also through cybersecurity analysts that acquiring technical skills to combat cyber-attacks as well as instilling a culture of security is achieved.​

There is currently a cybersecurity engineering expert shortage where the available cybersecurity analysts do not meet the growing demand. This means that there are not many persons to fill in the number of available jobs. It’s also important to note that cybersecurity analysts are fewer but very valuable. This is as a result of their invested their time to study a problem and know how to use their skills to come up with a solid solution.​

Based on the adverse nature of the cybersecurity engineering field it is evident that many experts are needed. Graphic designers are accommodated to create informative designs to issue awareness on the importance of cybersecurity engineering. Social engineers too are accommodated to determine the ones who are lying in a direct handling situation avoiding persons with ill or untrusted motives. Social media consultants are used to determining fast-spreading messages that are scam or malicious due to their updated awareness. Network security admins protect computer networks and systems against unwanted or unauthorized access to protecting an organization's data. Ethical hackers test systems using their skills to determine leaks or bugs that could lead to a cyber-threat. ​

Written By: Studemia Admin
August 14, 2020