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Penetration testing & Ethical Hacking is an emerging skill set that is becoming increasingly relevant to enterprises seeking protection and more rewarding for those who possess these skills as they struggle to defend themselves and their customers from privacy and security breaches. This course will introduce you to the concepts and practices of pen testing & Ethical Hacking.
This course will assist you to achieve the CompTIA PenTest+ or EC Council CEH certification.

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12:00 AM

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What you will learn

This training course will cover and establish the knowledge and skills of:

  • Planning & Scoping,
  • Information gathering & Vulnerability identification,
  • Attacks & Exploits,
  • Penetration testing tools and
  • Reporting & Communication


1. Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests

  • Introduction to Penetration Testing Concepts
  • Plan a Pen Test Engagement
  • Scope and Negotiate a Pen Test Engagement
  • Prepare for a Pen Test Engagement

2. Conducting Passive Reconnaissance

  • Gather Background Information
  • Prepare Background Findings for Next Steps

3. Performing Non-Technical Tests

  • Perform Social Engineering Tests
  • Perform Physical Security Tests on Facilities

4. Conducting Active Reconnaissance

  • Scan Networks
  • Enumerate Targets
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Analyze Basic Scripts

5. Analyzing Vulnerabilities

  • Analyze Vulnerability Scan Results
  • Leverage Information to Prepare for Exploitation

6. Penetrating Networks

  • Exploit Network-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Wireless and RF-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Specialized Systems

7. Exploiting Host-Based Vulnerabilities

  • Exploit Windows-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit *Nix-Based Vulnerabilities

8. Testing Applications

  • Exploit Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Test Source Code and Compiled Apps

9. Completing Post-Exploit Tasks

  • Use Lateral Movement Techniques
  • Use Persistence Techniques
  • Use Anti-Forensics Techniques

10. Analyzing and Reporting Pen Test Results

  • Analyze Pen Test Data
  • Develop Recommendations for Mitigation Strategies
  • Write and Handle Reports
  • Conduct Post-Report-Delivery Activities


  • CCNA Equivalent Knowledge or CCNA / CompTIA Network+ Certification
  • Course completion of CompTIA Security+ is advantageous

Class lab

Lab 101: Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests
Lab 102: Conducting Passive Reconnaissance
Lab 103: Performing Non-Technical Tests
Lab 104: Conducting Active Reconnaissance
Lab 105: Analyzing Vulnerabilities
Lab 106: Penetrating Networks
Lab 107: Exploiting Host-Based Vulnerabilities
Lab 108: Testing Applications
Lab 109 Completing Post-Exploit Tasks
Lab 110: Analyzing and Reporting Pen Test Results


CompTIA Pentest+

Who should attend

The course provides exactly what students need to go from zero technical and security knowledge, to a level of sufficient theoretical understanding and applied practical skills that will enable students to speak the same language as industry professionals. This course is designed for:

  • Career changers
  • University Graduate/under-graduate students
  • Business professionals without a deep cybersecurity background
  • New hires in IT/cybersecurity
  • Participants in reskilling program
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Network/Cloud Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • DevOps/ Software Developer
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Project Manager