Become Network Security Engineer in 16 Week




Nov-01, 2021 - Feb-2022

Coming soon Apply

Nov-01, 2021 - Feb-2022

Coming soon Apply

Covering a multitude of different tasks, a Network Engineer is security-focused, but covers a broad range of IT needs, including:

•    Dealing with security issues, including virus infections and hardware malfunctions
•    Vulnerability testing for both hardware and software applications
    Maintaining the stable operation of virtual private networks, firewalls, email security, web protocols, and software solutions.
•    Creating virus detection solutions
•    Developing tracking scripts to monitor vulnerabilities
•    Analyzing and implementing new security technology and protocols
•    Providing accurate and actional reporting on security analysis
•    Modifying IT Security regulatory systems
•    Maintaining the integrity of both hardware and software
•    Investigating security breach alerts
•    Creating and maintaining security policies
•    Developing authentication and authorization protocols

Hands-On Lab
Our lab is available 24/7 on-demand allows the student to access from anywhere in the world. Each lab design by course outlines where students learn how to build, setup, Software components to run a successful sandbox & DevOps.
Live Class
Train from home & learn from home – studying online class fun, interactive, supportive, and live instructor. The student engages with the group chat, forum, zoom meeting, and one-2-one interactive with Cybersecurity Experts as well.
1-2-1 Counseling
Each student will engage with consultation regardless of financial support, lab work, Project assignment, and Job finding assistance

2 Weeks
6 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks

Become Network Security Engineer in 16 weeks !

As cybercrime is on the rise, employers are actively looking for talented network engineers to provide the cybersecurity solutions they need.

Turn your dream job into a real opportunity with our Network Security training. As companies react to global trends, more processes than ever take place across networks. With workforces adopting a distributed model working remotely, the need for digital security specialists is growing significantly at the same time.
Hacks, virus attacks, and other security issues are also rising year on year, meaning companies around the world are looking for security engineers today. In a growing job market, the skills are at a premium, and with options on every continent and business size, those who qualify successfully can exploit this opportunity, using in-demand skills to build a successful career.

At Studemia, we understand that your education is a stepping-stone to the career you desire. That is why we provide a career counselor for every student, who will work with you to make the most of your new skills and obtain the job you want.

Our counselor and career recruitment specialist will:

·       Prepare your own custom tailor resume based on your skillset.

·       Help you prepare for interviews through the question training in both technical and HR topics

·       Guide you through SME level assessments and organize practice interview questions with our alumni and industry experts.

·       Walkthrough industry-specific scenarios for interview techniques and help you understand what employers are looking for.

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Frequently asked question

A minimum requirement each student has at least have High-Diploma with better communication skillsets

Yes - Cyber Security Certification approved by DoD. Please see below the URL for your validation.