Become Cloud Engineer in 16 Week.


Nov-01, 2021 - Feb-2022

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Nov-01, 2021 - Feb-2022

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Our Cloud Engineer course provides comprehensive training through over 1000 videos alongside self-guided lab work that delivers the skills, knowledge, and insight to build a successful career in an in-demand industry. These are in-demand skills across the world, with the course providing three different certifications to ensure you have the skill set employers are looking for.

One-to-one training session with a cybersecurity expert.
Personal guidance throughout the course from a qualified industry expert, including lab work, project assignments, and even with the job search
24/7 Hands-on Lab Access and Self-Guided testing
Every student has access to the lab 24-hours per day on-demand, ensuring that all students, no matter their time zone or location around the world, can work at the ideal time for their studies
On-site and live video lead class instruction
Study from home through cutting-edge video technology, providing a comprehensive, fun, and engaging learning experience and interaction with a live, supportive instructor when required

2 Weeks
6 Weeks
4 Weeks
4 weeks

What You Will Learn in our 16 Week BootCamp

The course includes everything you need to launch your new career as a cloud engineer, with theoretical and practical sessions that allow you to take on any task with confidence.

As cloud computing becomes more popular, with business trends switching to distributed assets in the cloud rather than centralized traditional server and database solutions, along with the widespread adoption of Software as a Service for core activities, the need for cloud-related skills are increasing rapidly too.
Cloud engineers are increasingly in high demand, with a global opportunity to take advantage of working with businesses of all sizes, building a successful career with in-demand skills.

At Studemia, we understand that your education is a stepping-stone to the career you desire. That is why we provide a career counselor for every student who will work with you to make the most of your new skills and obtain the job you want.
Our counselor and career recruitment specialist will:
•    Prepare your own custom tailor resume based on your skillset.
•    Help you prepare for interviews through question training in both technical and HR topics
•    Guide you through SME level assessments and organize practice interview questions with our alumni and industry experts.
•    Walkthrough industry-specific scenarios for interview techniques and help you understand what employers are looking for.

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